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Dani Chavez

Developer · Entrepreneur · Learner

Who I am

A code problem solver, challenges achiever from Puebla, Mexico. Passionate person in technology development always trying to find out how thing can be done better with technology.

Solucionador de problemas con código y desafiador de retos de Puebla, México. Apasionado por el desarrollo tecnológico, siempre tratando de descubir cómo la tecnología puede ayudarnos en nuestra vida diaria.

I am a problem solver

Before a software developer I want to say that I am a person who always work hard in order to get my goals accomplished, I am very persevering in what I focus.

Antes que un desarrollador de software, quiero decir que soy una persona que trabaja muy duro para conseguir sus metas. Soy muy perseverante en lo que me propongo.

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I am Innovative

A lot of aspects of our life can be improved with tecnology. In sports, entertainment and even in medicine, technology is crucial in order to have a better life.

Muchos aspectos de nuestra vida puede ser mejorado con tecnología. Desde el deporte, entretenimiento y hasta en la medicina, la tecnología es crucial para lograr una mejor calidad de vida.

I am a learner

What I do

Web sites

If you have a business idea, shop online or simply you want to have a blog in order to to show to all the world something about you, I can help you. It could be a modest page, or an incredible sophisticated web application.

Think how to improve things

Do you think technology can be used to improve your business performance?, or maybe you have and app idea? We could work together, I really like to listen to new ideas.


Everytime I learn something new, I realize that I have mucho more for learn. It could be about technology, history, and even esoteric stuff is interesting for me. If you have something we could talk about. It would be great to know about you

My Skills and knowledge

Talking technically, I am a software developer with experience in front-end and back-end programming, managing databases for complex government systems. Background in management and leadership.

Java 85%
PHP 85%
MySQL 75%
Frontend (HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery) 75%
WordPress 70%

Stuff I Made

I have done some projects and works, and I show you here some of them.

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Do not hesitate to ask whatever you want to. I will be glad to hear you and know more about you.


Puebla, Mexico